For most people, credit problems start because of an unpreventable hardship. Life is hard, buying a car shouldn’t be. At LaBate Auto Sales we focus on your future not your past. Our goal is to take the stress and embarrassment out of buying a vehicle and get you back on track with your credit.

I’ve been turned down at other places how is your dealership any different?

We use a private lender, who is committed to helping people rebuild their credit. As long as you have stable income, stable residency, and the desire to rebuild your credit you’re approved.

Is that different then a “Buy Here Pay Here”? 

Typically a buy here pay here is defined by a dealership who finances their own vehicles. Because we use a private lender our dealerships have to maintain a level of quality in our vehicles and customer service that most buy here pay here dealers don’t have. That is why all of our vehicles are put through a 116 point certification process.

How does this help my credit?

We report your loan to the credit bureau on a monthly basis. Having a good car loan on your credit can boost your score over 100 points. However, our commitment to your credit restoration doesn’t end there, once you join our family, our credit experts offer free lifetime credit counseling services. Just simply call us and we are happy to help answer any credit related questions you may have.

Will my credit affect the down payment amount?

No! Because we specialize in helping people with bad credit, our down payments do not change because of your credit. The only reason we may ask for more down would be if we were trying to lower your payments.

Can you help people with a prior or current bankruptcy?

Absolutely, in fact that is one of our specialties!

Can you help people with prior repossessions?

Yes absolutely, as long as there are no more than 3 repossessions on your credit we can still get you approved!

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